By reserving the vehicle with GS Car Rental you agree to this terms and condition:

  1. At the time of the reservation we will charge your credit card $50, this will guarantee the availability of the vehicle and the price, the $50 will be deduct from your rental charges which are due at the time of pick up of the vehicle.
  2. In case you need to cancel the reservation, the $50 deposit will be refund as long you cancel your reservation in writing via e-mail at least 14 days prior your reservation date, in case you will cancel the reservation with less then 14 days in advance the deposit will be lost.
  3. A deposit is also required at the time of pick up of the rented vehicle:
    • For tourist that resides out of the of Florida or international tourist the deposited will be $100
    • For Florida residents the deposit required is $250
    • The deposit must be paid with a credit card
  4. Miles limitation are posted on the web site for non  Florida residence and Internationals.

For Florida residents there will be a mileage limitation on all vehicles:

  • 100 miles per day, 500 miles per week, 1500 miles per month, which ever comes first.

You also agree to provide a copy of the driver license and a copy of your personal vehicle insurance card. You also agree to sign an electronic rental agreement prior to your arrival.